Friday, October 28, 2005

Computer and AAR/SBL update

Well, the computer hasn't locked up on me yet since I took the modem out. I have almost everything back to normal on my profile (thanks, Dave!) and am cranking away on the AAR/SBL order forms. I only have one left to do, and it's the easiest of them.

Now I have to decide how many of everything to take along. The trick is to take enough, but not too many. As an exhibitor, you pay for freight and a handling charge by the convention people both ways. So, if it doesn't sell, you pay freight and handling twice, not a nice situation. But, if you don't take enough you lose sales.

As usual of late, we are offering the titles we publish at 50% off, and distributed books at 15-50% off, depending on the publisher. That's if you buy them on site. If you order them, you pay freight and only get 15-35% off, again, depending on the publisher.

I'll list more specials a bit later. Got to get the next order form done.

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