Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Yes, already! It is looming closer by the day!

I have been working on what books to bring and how many. This is a time consuming and, ultimately, futile task. It never works out right, we always run short on some titles and have too many of others. You need to let me know what and how many you are going to buy :)

So far I have 111 titles for our distribution partners—not including Carta or Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht—and 94 Eisenbrauns titles. Harrassowitz will also be in our booth this year, so that means more titles still. Isreal Antiquities Authority is also sending us all IAA Reports to sell at a 30% discount for all you archaeologists out there (Joe, are you listening?). We also will have the 3 latest 'Atiqot volumes–50-52, also at 30%.

How's that for teasers? More later...

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Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


I am SO THERE!!! I drool at the thought of getting to the booth early. In fact . . . I would love to help you guys set up if you need any help . . . hint, hint. No really, I would love to help set up. Just contact me via email and tell me what I need to do. It is the least I could do! Wow, 30% discount - I am stoked!