Thursday, May 17, 2007

I couldn't resist

Jim West has created quite a tempest (see here and here) with his latest broad brush claim. He says that Intervarsity Press is a fundamentalist press. Of course, the inference is that they only publish fundamentalist authors...

Thank you Jim. I was wondering what to put on sale for the next 10 days; now I know. I'm putting 15 books from the Intervarsity Press Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series on sale! Of course, you had better be careful, these books (culled from over 1000 years of church tradition) could be dangerous—after all, they are published by a "fundamentalist" publisher, which means they are fundamentalist themselves and therefore have no value, except to steal your brain away :)

You can see all the dangerous titles here.


Anonymous said...

Like evil cats that suck out the baby's soul!


Anonymous said...


What a treat that you have given us! As far as Jim West goes, we all know that often he gets diarrhea of the mouth.


Anonymous said...


I have a new computer at work. Can you once again send me your email.

Joe Cathey

Anonymous said...

Mr or Ms Anon-
Wouldn't it really be diarrhea of the hands?

(and why hidest thou behind the shady curtain of anonymity unless thou art ashamed of thine own thoughts?)