Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And they're off!

Yep, I'm off on vacation for 2 weeks, visiting kids and grandkids in Minnesota. Debbie and I are looking forward to it. As part of the fun, Ryan (our son), Joel (son-in-law), and myself are going backpacking for a few days. We were planning on hiking the Border Route Trail, but Joel found out yesterday that it is closed because of the drought. Apparently there is no water along the trail and they don't want hikers dehydrating. So, it looks like we will be hiking along the Superior Hiking Trail again. Mind you, it is 200+ miles long and we only did about 50 of it last year, so it will be a new section :) From what I can see, there is a shortage of water on it too, but there are enough beaver ponds and bigger rivers that we should be alright.

I may or may not have Internet during the next 2 weeks, so this blog may lie fallow for that time.

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