Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We interrupt this regularly scheduled...

We just bought a house!
Yep. we've been married over 29 years, rented for 23 of them, including the last 12, but yesterday we signed the papers and now own a house. The jokes at work included such things as, "I'm going to keep watching for signs of an alien takeover!" to looking out the front door and asking if anyone saw the four horses of the apocalypse standing there. :)

Anyway, it is a little brick house set on 1.99 acres and bordered on the south by Cherry Creek. Here's a picture of it:

We move in during November. That's right, the busiest time of the year, with AAR/SBL. I guess that will make it more fun, right? Anyway, we're excited—anybody got a goat to eat the grass for me?

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