Thursday, April 10, 2008


Wonderful post on Out of Ur. This quote is worth its weight in gold:

"The hardest thing about this ministry is that we know how to grow a church big and fast, but we refuse to do it. We don't use church-growth strategies; we don't market ourselves. We could grow the ministry fast. But we'd rather grow it biblically."

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Wonderful! If only we were all as committed to doing things biblically!

Success does not always equal big numbers. I think the bible makes that quite clear. It always seems to be the underdog who, with the presence of the Holy Spirit, wins. Look at Gideon as an example: too many men, send some home. Still too many, send some more home. Why? Because otherwise the people will think it is their power and steal the glory from God. Still true. Watchman Nee used to say that you should never put a person in a position where they had natural ability; it would prevent them from relying on God.
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