Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The goal of salvation

“Doctrines about baptism and the Eucharist, the resurrection of the dead, eternal life, the image of God in human beings, redemption, and sanctification contain themes that relate to theosis. But simply replacing theosis with sanctification is an attempt to supplant Patristic theology with standard Reformation language. Deification [the Latin version of theosis (θέωσις)] was often seen as the telos (goal) of human existance and of salvation”—Theosis, page 5

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This last sentence is very important. As Protestants/Roman Catholics, we tend to view sanctification as the goal of salvation, but that sells God far short of what the Patristic and Apostolic Fathers had in mind. The book will flesh this out as we go on.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts on theosis and sanctification, James. The Lord has been impressing me that He doesn't want to create ministers or ministries. He wants to create bondservants: sons and daughters who have His heart and act like Him.