Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I forgot again

It happens every year. Last year I bruised my hip and bent the handlebars. This year, I scraped my cheek and twisted my handlebars. At least I didn't break an arm like Bev's daughter did last year (Bev is one of our editors—a very good one, too!).

What am I talking about? The first snow of the year around here always melts and then forms a thin film of ice over the roads. Not a problem, really; the cars melt it down very quickly. Except on the bike trails! I ride on the bike trail about 3/4 mile through an area called Boy's City or Boy's Club. It is a beautiful ride, full of trees with mountain bike trails criss-crossing it, going up and down the hills. Wonderful area to ride and nice to ride through.

But, at the end of the trail is a hill that has a sharp curve at the bottom. Of course, all the melt runs downhill to the corner... Every year, I forget that and the first snow results in a first crash. My shoulder hurts a bit and there is a bit (OK, lots) of blood on my cheek, but the real problem is my handlebars came loose. I rode the last 1.5 mile to work with handlebars that seemed to move on their own accord—a rather interesting experience.

So, does anybody have a 6 mm Allen wrench I can use before I go home tonight?


James F. McGrath said...

Ouch! I don't have any way of getting you an Allen wrench today, but I do hope that you and your bike make a speedy recovery!

Andy said...

I can bring an allen wrench back with me when I go home for lunch.

(I'm tempted to add, "If you'll promise to wear a helmet!")


jps said...


I think I should spend the money on studded snow tires rather than a helmet :) But, I will take the offer of the wrench, unless there is one in the back room.