Monday, December 05, 2011

The goal of creation

“In the traditional interpretation of Genesis 1, it often appears to readers that they are left with only vague theological notions when they finally arrive at Day 7. The main work has been done in the preceding six days, the climax has been reached and passed (creation of people), and all that remains is a theological etiology for the Sabbath or for the length of the week. In a purely material ontology, the seventh day is not part of “creation” because nothing is made on that day. It is only an esoteric postscript.

“However, if the text is read in light of a functional ontology that relies on a temple identity, we discover that Day 7 is far from a postscript. The climax of a temple inauguration is when the deity enters his prepared residence and rests there, as he assumes the rule of the cosmos from his temple-throne. The former acts are mere preliminaries to this grand finale.“— Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology, page 190

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Read Hebrews with this in mind! Jesus enters the temple and stays, seated! What a climax!
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Joel and Renée said...

I like this! The Sabbath makes a little more sense now. Love, Renee

jps said...

Great! That's what I had hoped would happen—not just for you but everyone (myself included).