Monday, September 30, 2013

This is going to hurt

Well, that's their decision [to not take a chance of being hurt in a relationship], but it's one that puts severe restrictions on their ability to give and receive love for the rest of their lives. Self-protection has some value, but it comes at a very high price. It limits love and makes them utterly miserable.

God made us relational beings. We were meant for love. Sure, it's a risk, but refusing to take a risk—with God and with people—eliminates the greatest source of joy and meaning in our lives.— Christianity Lite, page 156

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Ain't that the truth?! Life and love open one up to hurt, but the alternative is death, despair, and depression. I'll take my chances with love. What about you?
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That's my 2 cents! said...

If despair and depression are normal life for you, then this is a no brainer. This is one of the reasons God has to birth a new spirit in us. We are trashed. But these days it's crazier. in the recent past our culture had, at the very least a basic understanding of what was called decency. Today we live in a world gone mad, and a Christianity incapable of connecting with the living God. The Holy Spirit may bring as many, who will, to saving knowledge but where do they go? Do we put them in pro-life corner, or the protect DOMA against the homo's ministry? Do we send them home to watch TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, on TV? Do we lead them to our local Christian religion dealer, so the ladies can be freed from their addiction to soft porn Romance novels to a new addiction to Christian soft porn. And while we're at the book store lets get the books for guys telling them, "Real men wait for marriage..." Great advice, but so many of these new Christian guys has NEVER had a real man in his life. God may well save, but the Church, as it is, makes disciples twice the son's of Hell.

It isn't enough any longer to point out what is wrong with the Church. By the life giving, recreating power of the Holy Spirit we have to draw broken people into relationship/discipleship, so these people who have no understanding of what relationship is will survive and thrive and grow into the people of God.

jps said...


That's why Paul calls Christians the "aroma of Christ." People need to see Christ in our lives on a DAILY basis. Sunday religion won't cut it!