Monday, November 18, 2013

The gospel

Good thoughts from Scot McKnight on the Sermon on the Mount:
Some don’t see gospel in the Sermon on the Mount because they are looking for the wrong thing: the plan for personal salvation.
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Amen to that! I've run across that quite a bit lately in my reading. One of the problems with the evangelical church in the U.S. is that the gospel has become nothing but a ticket to heaven once you die. In the meantime, it's every person for him/herself. God is way off there someplace; he's given us the Bible so we can figure it out, but it's up to us.

That is not the gospel. That is Pelagianism (a heresy that said we can work our way to heaven and be righteous on our own strength)! The gospel is about God transforming us and communing with us via the Holy Spirit.
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