Monday, June 02, 2014

Final thoughts on legalism

Legalism doesn’t need God. Legalism is the search for innocence—not forgiveness. It’s a systematic process of defending self, explaining self, and justifying self. Legalists are obsessed with self—not God.


Turns my opinion into your burden. There is only room for one opinion in this boat. And guess who is wrong!
Turns my opinion into your boundary. Your opposing opinion makes me question not only your right to have fellowship with me, but also your salvation.
Turns my opinion into your obligation. Christians must toe the company line. Your job isn’t to think, it’s to march.
If you want to be in the group, stay in step and don’t ask questions.— He Still Moves Stones, 120

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Wow. I've never heard it put so bluntly before! But he's right. And we call that "the gospel"?! What a negation of the term. We need to be set free, to know the truth that sets us free, i.e., the gospel!
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