Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Loving means not willing the destruction of enemies

To be a son of God, then, is to act in the world as God does, showing mercy and forgiveness toward all, refusing to retaliate injury for injury, accepting suffering and persecution as the price of living in conformity to God’s will, and, most importantly, loving and not “hating” (seeking or willing the destruction of) those ordinarily deemed the enemies of Israel.—The Disciples’ Prayer, page 84

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And the standard hasn't changed in 2000 years...mercy and forgiveness, loving. And the last time I checked, those three words don't have a meaning of "hate" or "bomb them to death" in their definition. No, not even for "American interests" that "need to be defended."
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That's my 2 cents! said...

Fellow Christians accuse me of abandoning my responsibility to civic duty, because I eschew voting or any substantive political activity. I vociferously disagree and inform them as a Christian I am not apolitical. As a Christian I
recognize I am called to represent the kingdom of God. Far from apolitical I'm the political competition. I am in Christ and promote the eternal agenda of my king.

jps said...

Indeed! You represent a far more important and lasting kingdom!