Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Help a brother out!

OK, this one has been sitting in my inbox for almost 2 months now! I need to let people know about a chance to help out a fellow blogger. Rick Brannan has written a good bit about the Apostolic Fathers over the years and did a long, in-depth study of the differences between ἀλλά and ἄλλα, among other things. Well, now he's written a commentary on the two Timothy epistles, concentrating on the Greek and discourse linguistics. Good stuff.

That's cool in and of itself, but here's the neat part: They are adopting again and to help fund the adoption all you need to do is buy his books. Win-win. You get some good books, they get to adopt.

Here's where you can find out the details: https://rickbrannan.com/2016/06/09/help-fund-our-adoption/

Simple, isn't it?

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