Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Flip it on its head!

In the Opening of the Mouth ritual, the statue’s sensory organs are animated, enabling it to see, hear, smell, speak, breath, and move about as a living being. The opening of the eyes is even named specifically in the Babylon version, and the fact that the image is placed facing the sunrise in the Nineveh version suggests a similar emphasis on the animation of the eyes. By claiming [in Isa 44:18] that the “idol” makers’ eyes have been shut and they are therefore blind, and that their minds are dumb and they are, consequently, without understanding, the prophet applies the activation of the sensory organs of the divine image to the craftsmen themselves, only in reverse. The idol-makers, as Pss 115:8 and 135:18 predict, have become like their idols— having eyes but unable to see.—The "Image of God" in the Garden of Eden, pages 9–10 (emphasis original)

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I love the irony of Isaiah's portrayal. To me it seems obvious that he knew of the mis pî ritual and was lampooning it—the original Babylon Bee : )
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