Friday, December 06, 2019

More wisdom from Wisdom

Wis. 6:1    So then listen, you rulers, and understand. Learn, you who judge the far reaches of the earth. 2  Pay attention, you who have power over multitudes, you who take pride in having power over throngs of nations.

Wis. 6:3    The Lord gave you authority to rule. The Most High gave you your power. He will watch carefully what you do and examine everything that you are planning. 4  You are merely stewards of his kingdom. If you don’t judge rightly, if you don’t keep the Law, or if you don’t act according to God’s plan, 5  then he’ll fall upon you very suddenly and very terribly. Judgment falls hard on those in high places. 6  Those who aren’t important may be pardoned out of compassion, but the powerful will be powerfully examined. 7  The ruler of all won’t back down from anyone. He won’t show any special consideration to someone whom others consider great. The ruler of all made both the small and the great, and he regards them all in the same way. 8  But a stern judgment will fall upon the ruthless.

Wis. 6:9    Yes, I’m speaking to you who rule with unbridled might so that you may learn wisdom and avoid going astray. (CEV)

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