Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Chemosh vs. YHWH

[I]t is essential to note that, at least in two respects, the HB differs strikingly from the Mesha Inscription. First, the HB goes to great lengths to show that Israel’s God is righteous, just, and merciful and that humans routinely fall below the divine standard (Eccl 7:20), even the most righteous of the kings (see 2 Sam 11–12). In addition, God exemplifies grace by continually forgiving a wayward people and blessing them, even when they disregarded the divine faithfulness (1 Kgs 8:22–61; 2 Chr 30:6–9). Therefore, God violates the principle of reciprocity time and again, and the reason or justification for this is hidden in the mystery of God’s grace and sovereignty (Exod 33:19).—M. Patrick Graham in Divine Doppelgängers: YHWH’s Ancient Look-Alikes, p. 132

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