Friday, May 08, 2020

Memorize these verses, please!

Isaiah 8:11 The LORD spoke to me, taking hold of me and warning me not to walk in the way of this people: 12 Don’t call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy. Don’t fear what they fear, and don’t be terrified. 13 It is the LORD of heavenly forces whom you should hold sacred, whom you should fear, and whom you should hold in awe. (CEB, emphasis added)

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Please people, use some common sense. Don't believe everything you read on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube. Experts aren't out to get you! If you are grounded in Jesus, it wouldn't matter if they were!

Memorize these verses and recite them to yourself every time you run across the latest conspiracy theory. Remind yourself that God is in charge, not the person(s) supposedly behind the latest theory to trend on your social media feed.

Oh, and spending more time reading scripture than reading your Facebook feed might be helpful to your spiritual state, too.
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