Monday, August 13, 2007

But does it mean anything?

OK, I suppose I should have posted the transliteration and translation for the is the first two lines of Enuma Elish:

e-nu-ma e-liš la na-bu-ú šá-ma-mu
šap-liš am-ma-tum šu-ma la zak-rat

When on high no name was given to heaven,
nor below was the netherworld called by name

You can also see it here

3 comments: said...

Assyriolgists should be able to read this inscription. But, the translation and transliteration may be useful for colleagues fields, e.g., archaeology, art history, and for those who just want to have fun.

Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat said...

PS by a very small correction:

My comment should read: "colleagues in related fields." Writing and small editing are better done before sleep rather than during "sleep writing."

Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat said... adds: a
very small correction : "for colleagues in related fields..." Writing and editing should be done before sleep and not during "sleep writing."