Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It creeps in and consumes you

Have I started writing horror? No, but that is exactly what technology can do. Check out this post by Andy Le Peau from IVP:

I was at a conference recently where often, when there was a break, the participants tended not to get up, stretch, get a cup of coffee, chat with those nearby or even go to the bathroom. Instead they sat there. They were not mesmerized by the presentation they had just heard. They were mesmerized by their screens—handheld or laptop—checking email, tweets, Facebook, news feeds and more.

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I've seen the same thing. In fact, I've seen people walking in the woods with their faces buried in a smartphone. What's the point of walking in the woods?

I'm no stranger to technology—in fact, I ran the IT department at a previous job—but, I have chosen to limit my technology. We don't have a TV set, nor a computer at home. I don't have a smart phone and only got a cell phone because of business needs. It's a choice. Debbie and I have chosen to spend our time in different ways that we believe are more productive. You should try it, you might find out that it is a worthwhile change :)

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