Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Aristotle, move over!

“Many interpreters have observed that the Old Testament contains (1) texts that appear morally problematic (such as the ḥērem texts), (2) texts that are morally ambiguous (for example, is Jacob’s trickery praised or condemned?), and (3) texts that are very diverse, potentially in conflict with one another. Dynamics of this sort make it nearly impossible to formulate a modernist vision of Old Testament ethics—that is, a vision that is unified, consistent, systematic, and focused on moral principles. However, these textual dynamics do not present insurmountable problems for articulating a more postmodern vision of Old Testament ethics. Postmodernity has brought an awareness of the value of diversity and particularity, as well as an awareness that morality is about far more than ethical rules.”— From Fratricide to Forgiveness: The Language and Ethics of Anger in Genesis , page 95

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