Monday, June 25, 2012

Look away

"This looking to Jesus implies that we look away from ourselves. There is to be no mixing up of quack medicines along with the great remedy. Such a course is always sure to fail. Thousands fail in just this way, forever trying to be healed partly by their own stupid, self-willed works, as well as partly by Jesus Christ. There must be no looking to man or to any of man's doings or man's help. All dependence must be on Christ alone. As this is true in reference to pardon, so is it also in reference to sanctification. This is done by faith in Christ. It is only through and by faith that you get that divine influence which sanctifies the soul—the Spirit of God."—Charles Finney

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Amen and amen! There is no remedy for sin outside of Jesus; we can't do it. And, when I say remedy for sin, I mean remedy for sinning—cut it off at the root! Let Christ excise it as you live dead to self and alive in him. In Him is the key to all life, resting and abiding.
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