Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Quote for the day

“Think of the church at large. What divisions! Think of the different bodies. Take the question of holiness, take the question of the cleansing blood, take the question of the baptism of the Spirit - what differences are caused among dear believers by such questions! That there are differences of opinion does not trouble me. We do not have the same constitution and temperament and mind. But how often hate, bitterness, contempt, separation, unlovingness are caused by the holiest truths of God’s Word! Our doctrines, our creeds, have been more important than love. We often think we are valiant for the truth and we forget God’s command to speak the truth in love. And it was so in the time of the Reformation between the Lutheran and Calvinistic churches. What bitterness there was than in regard to the Holy Supper, which was meant to be the bond of union among all believers! And so, down the ages, the very dearest truths of God have become mountains that have separated us.”—Andrew Murray in Absolute Surrender


Alan Knox said...

Great post and causes me to think seriously about the Lord's Supper. What did Jesus intend by the Lord's Supper and how do we use it? Thank you!


jps said...

I.H. Marshall wrote a book way back in 1980 which I found very good Last Supper and Lord's Supper.

I know that the Lord's Supper is a hot button in many people's theology. But, personally, I have never experienced more meaningful times of Communion/Eucharist/Lord's Supper than in a small group of 8-15 people who share the bread and the cup as part of a Bible study/house church group. It is a celebration of what He has done, is doing, and promises to do.

Others could go on and explain the theology of it, but I doubt that would change the fact that "Christ is present in a unique way" in it, to quote from Wesley.

My $0.02 anyway.