Thursday, January 04, 2007

Update on Renee

I just received an e-mail from Joel & Renee:

Renee is doing well, the contractions really settled down and the doctor is excited about that. She will receive another shot for development of the baby's lungs this morning, and have to wait another 24 hours on the magnesium sulfate IV til we see if [we] can go home.

It looks hopeful that we'll go home tomorrow, but Renee will be on moderate bed rest, whatever that means. Now she can only get up to use the bathroom. Which is quite the process considering all the hoses and cords, and that the medication is making her weak.

I'm glad I'm here to help. With some sleeping pills and Tylenol she was finally able to sleep last night despite the nurses checking on her and the bright computer lights. We wish we were here having a baby, but its best if Sweet Pea comes full term.

Moderate bed rest with a 21 month old son? Hmm...We really do appreciate all your prayers.

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