Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New book?

When I got back from lunch today, I went into the warehouse to see what new books might have arrived. Sure enough, there were some boxes there, with a few that looked promising. At first I didn't even notice the one, since it was sitting on the floor behind the cart that holds our new arrivals.

Once I did see it, though, it caught my attention. Sure enough, it was a mailbag. What's more, it wasn't just any mailbag, it was a mailbag from Germany. Could this be the real thing? Well, this time I slowed down and checked the packing slip. No sense getting all excited about nothing. Sure enough, this was it—well at least half of it. The packing slip said that there were two boxes, but only one arrived today.

I cut the ropes on the mailbag, pulled the box out of the mailbag, cut it open. Drat, double box again! So, I managed to open the bottom of the box instead of the top, but hey, nothing was damaged, so who cares. There they were, in three rows, the latest fascicle of BHQ. I opened the shrink wrap on one of them and began looking through it. I promise you that I didn't drool on it :)

So, for those of you waiting with bated breath, standing orders will ship tomorrow.

Biblia Hebraica Quinta - BHQ
Edited by Carmel McCarthy
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft Stuttgart, 2007
xxxii + 104 +190* pages, Hebrew
ISBN: 9783438052650
List Price: $99.00
Your Price: $74.25


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Andy said...

And did Jessica shake her head at you, as usual? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, its been a whole day and my copy hasn't arrived. What gives????


jps said...


I think she is just ignoring me now :)


It's the proverbial "The check/book is in the mail" excuse :) What can I say, the USPS/UPS must be slipping up...