Monday, December 24, 2007

Effective Prayer

“If we really want to pray with power, we need to break through into greater holiness. We don’t need a formula or a method for praying. But we do need to live with purity and simplicity rather than with carnality, hype, and hardness as so many in our churches do today.

“When Samuel said, ‘Speak, for your servant is listening,’ he revealed the secret of what God is after. An attentive, willing heart is the great need of the hour. Programs, talent, and human energy will never accomplish what one man or woman in close fellowship with the living God can do. A young boy in Shiloh led an entire people back from ruin because he was willing to be a humble servant of the great and awesome God.

“Today too much of the church suffers from dull, mechanical Bible exposition that lacks the touch of the Holy Spirit. No matter how skilled the preacher, only the Spirit can direct us to the truths that most need to be proclaimed and enable us to apply them in a convicting manner. God is not searching for talent or intelligence on earth, because he is the Almighty One! He already has everything he needs—except our hearts. He wants us to be like Samuel, with a heart that waits to hear and swiftly obey his word. Our present lack of spiritual fruit and power doesn’t bring much glory to God.”—Jim Cymbala in Breakthrough Prayer, pp. 173-174.


Shaun Tabatt said...

Well said. On the one hand, I'd say more effective prayer could be a new year's resolution for many if not for all. Then again, it should really be a lifelong pursuit.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, Jim. To you and yours, a joyous Christmas and blessed new year.