Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's officially summer

Yes, I know that it was a month ago according to the calendar, but my official method is when I can pick a ripe tomato from the garden. And that happened last night. We had been getting cherry tomatoes for about a week, 6-12 a day, but last night was the first full sized tomato. So, summer is here!

Guess what I did with it? Yep, I made a sandwich out of it. Today in my lunch I had a sandwich with homemade wheat bread, homemade mayonnaise, homegrown tomato, and extra sharp cheddar cheese. A sandwich doesn't get better than that.


Joel and Renée said...

What???!!! You didn't make your own cheese?

Andy said...

I was thinking the same thing.

Peter Kirk said...

By that criterion summer here in England doesn't start until mid-September, just as it is starting to get cold again! Some summers the tomatoes never ripen. After a cool start at least we are now getting some warm sunshine, so there is still hope for September tomatoes. But in my sunny garden in a couple of hours I will be eating lovely tasty cherry tomatoes imported from Spain, with wholemeal bread and cheddar cheese. In fact the thought of it makes me wish it was lunchtime already.

jps said...

Renee! I wish I could make my own cheese... maybe some day I will learn how. For now I will have to settle for homemade yogurt :)

Peter, that would be hard. I can't imagine not having tomatoes in the summer.