Monday, July 14, 2008


OK, not really, but a loud crash would do.

Last Monday, Debbie and I noticed that the overhang above the north side door was a bit more crooked that it had been. We both knew that one of the supports was rotting and that I would need to take it down soon, but it looked like soon was becoming now.

Tuesday night I put a couple of 2 x 4s in place to hold it. Sure enough, the support on the right side fell down and dangled loosely. Not much support there! In the interest of safety, we stopped using the door :)

Wednesday night, Jon came over to help me. Together, we started ripping off shingles. Pretty soon we hear a buzzing sound, sort of like bees. Not a good thing! Get the bee spray; ready, aim, fire. No effect! Hmmm, now what? I saw a pile of wood shavings and grass under the roof; that must be where they are. After telling Jon to get out of the way, I shoved it to the ground. Sure enough, the buzzing was coming from inside the ball of grass. We left them alone, and they left us alone. Back to tearing the roof off...

I had the roof off my side and was starting to work on the front, and Jon had most of the roof off his side, when all of a sudden the thing let go! In a heroic display of acrobatics, Jon pushed off the roof and as the ladder started falling he jumped down, safely avoiding the falling ladder, the falling overhang, and landing on his feet! No injuries, no damage to the porch, just a nice pile of lumber on the driveway. Of course, we had to finish tearing it apart, but praise God, no one was hurt.

After we tore the thing apart, we (actually Jon) put the wood on the woodpile for a fire later this summer. Time for fresh apple crisp! Debbie had been making it while we tore the overhang apart, after all, a worker is worthy of his hire!

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