Monday, November 09, 2009

Chosen and Unchosen

“The basic premise that election entails nonelection is undoubtedly true. Difficulty arises when adding additional premises. Clines [in The Bible and the Modern World, pages 100-101] seems to add the premise that being unchosen means experiencing the opposite of God's love or election; namely rejection, humiliation, destruction or being beyond the pale of God's workings. The problem with models of this sort, I think, is that often the focus is on biblical examples that are easy to assemble and then to criticize...the result is a picture of God that resembles more a devil than a deity, a God who shows love to his people while slaughtering others, simply because they are not elected.”—Chosen and Unchosen, page x

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I will be excerpting from Chosen and Unchosen this week and then post a brief (maybe!) review at the end.
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