Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Abram's generosity

“Although he inhabits a world of limited resources, Abram acts with generosity, humility, and even self-sacrifice, offering Lot first choice of land. Instead of giving priority to his own needs and exercising the prerogatives of the paterfamilias, he gives priority to his relationship with Lot and yields to his nephew’s wishes. His generosity counteracts the strife and anger between himself, his nephew, and their shepherds, introducing an alternate logic, a different means of relating that diffuses the anger and conflict.”—From Fratricide to Forgiveness, page 145

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Selfless love, death to self, etc. Hey! I thought those were New Testament themes! :) So much for a strict dichotomy, eh? Amazing what the grace of God can do when it gets a hold on someone—no matter which 1/3 of the Bible they are in!
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