Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Some good stuff the last few days.

A good post by Roger Olson on hierarchy and submission

Hierarchy is more than an organizational flow chart. Hierarchy exists where a person’s authority over others is independent of truth. A social unit, organization, can have leadership without hierarchy. Hierarchy is when the leadership’s power over those led is independent of accountability to truth. Hierarchy naturally inclines toward abuse because of our fallen nature. Its social structure encourages abuse and subjects truth to power-over.

Christians claim to be concerned with and committed to truth. And yet we betray that concern and commitment when we insist on hierarchy. Hierarchical Christians, like all hierarchical people, show by their organizational theory and behavior a preference for power and control over truth.

Peter Leithart has an interesting post on the bad girl goddesses of the ancient Near East where he draws in interesting correlation to Song of Solomon. Go read it.

Finally, Michael Gorman has a post where he quotes extensively from Stanley Hauerwas:

It is impossible to avoid the fact that American Christianity is far less than it should have been just to the extent that the church has failed to make clear that America’s god is not the God that Christians worship.

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