Monday, December 30, 2013

It is all leading somewhere

The editorial twist of the Gen 1–11 protohistory, and perhaps one of the things that helps set it apart from its ANE counterparts, is that even though humanity advanced culturally and technologically, things were not at all the way they should be between humans and their Creator. Thus, the stage is set for Abraham in Gen 12, and through him and his offspring, the nation of Israel. — Toward a Poetics of Genesis 1-11, pages 239-40

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The narrative has a purpose; it is going somewhere. Indeed, it is eventually going to lead to David, then exile and the hope of restoration, with ultimate fulfillment in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus—and us united to him by grace through faith. That's a long trajectory, but it is foreshadowed by Genesis 1-11. And you thought it was all about creation : )

By the way, that's the final post from this very enjoyable and thought-provoking book. Next up: The Triumph of Christianity, and older book, but with some interesting tidbits.
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