Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Front and center

Once again, you see [in Psalm 51], Yahweh is standing right at the center of the situation. The big issue everywhere you turn in the Old Testament is Yahweh. It is not first of all about truth, or about the Law. It is not first of all about power, or about guilt. It is not first of all about sacrifice. The central overriding issue is: Who is Yahweh and how do I relate to Him?— Lectures in Old Testament Theology, page 259

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I just read an interesting post on theological systems over at Missio Alliance. It's actually a two-part post; I linked to the second post, but you should read them both. Anyway, the upshot is that we all too frequently put theology in front of our reading. Instead of reading the text that is, we read the text that our theology says is there...I know, no big news, but it is big news if we allow the Holy Spirit to break through those shackles and really speak to us. That's what this excerpt from Kinlaw is all about—at least, that's how I read it! : )
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