Thursday, July 03, 2014

Love that word

For us love is primarily, and almost exclusively, a word about feelings. But the main truth about God is not that He feels in certain ways. The main truth about God is that He is certain things as revealed in how He acts. That is what is so significant about hesed. it is not about a way of feeling, it is about a way of acting. And when we discover that this is the way He always acts, that tells us about who He is. The, when the Bible says that God is love, we have some new categories in which to put that statement.— Lectures in Old Testament Theology, pages 171-172

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I love that word ḥesed! Read the article in the TDOT, and then read the article in TWOT (yes, it really is published by Moody Press!) to augment the TDOT article.
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