Friday, February 28, 2020

We can hope!

From Heather Cox Richardson, final paragraphs of an excellent summary of the last 40 years (do read it all):
This is a crisis that demands expertise and coordinated government health programs, but we no longer have those things. Instead, Trump and his surrogates on the Fox News Channel are falling back on the old arguments that have worked so well for GOP leaders in the past: Democrats are hyping the coronavirus and spooking the markets to hurt the president.

Trump, and Americans in general, are about to discover that there comes a point when image can no longer override reality. We are in the churn of that chaos now. But on the other side of it, we have the potential to rebuild a government that operates in reality, and that works for all of us.

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We can hope! I'm not as optimistic as she is, though. I fear far too many live in the Fox News bubble; and the Republicans have gerrymandered the voting districts so badly that it would take quite the miracle to change election outcomes. But, we can hope. And anyway, our salvation doesn't come from the polls. As Ps 121 says, our help comes from Yahweh, the maker of heaven and earth. I can live with that : )
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