Wednesday, June 10, 2020

He's become (?) unhinged

OK, over the last four years, I've seen and heard stuff from the White House that makes Nixon look like a saint. But this is just nuts!

I saw the video, as I'm sure you did. Only someone who really wanted to see something other than overt police brutality would think such a stupid thing. Religious News Service (among others) has more background on the guy. Read it here.

OK, White, middle class evangelical voters. You have seen the deal you made. You've destroyed any shred of witness that you might have had left after 40 years of supporting Republican candidates based on their lip service to you about abortion. Face the facts. Billy Graham warned you way back in the 1970s that the right would use you and discard you when you became unnecessary. Well, there's no need to discard you any longer, because you have allowed power to corrupt you.

Power always corrupts. Always! The church does better as a prophetic witness outside the wings of power than inside. Once inside, it will become complicit. Sure, there will be moments that are the exception, but generally it's been quiet submission, or even (as the court evangelicals are doing) overt support for policies that are antichristian.

Fact: Abortion historically goes down under a Democratic president as opposed to a Republican one. Why? Figure it out! Most abortions are because of economic pressures. They feel they can't feed another mouth. Republican presidents have historically cut any kind of social safety net they think they can get away with.

If you are truly pro-life and not just anti-abortion, you need to consider the impact of government policy from womb to tomb. Then decide which of the flawed parties offers the better option. Get on board with that one and work for change from within to bring it closer to a biblical stand. But always remember that it is a flawed system because it is human.

Ok, this was supposed to be a short post. Guess it turned out differently, didn't it?

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