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Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Sabaoth

44 1st P. M. 6 lines 83.
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Sabaoth

INFINITE God, to thee We raise
   Our hearts in solemn songs of praise;
   By all thy works on earth adored,
   We worship thee, the common Lord;
   The everlasting Father own,
   And bow our souls before thy throne.

2 Thee all the choir of angels sings,
   The Lord of hosts, the King of kings;
   Cherubs proclaim thy praise aloud,
   And seraphs shout the triune God
   And Holy, holy, holy, cry,
   Thy glory fills both earth and sky.

3 Father of endless majesty,
   All might and love we render thee;
   Thy true and only Son adore,
   The same in dignity and power;
   And God the Holy Ghost declare,
   The saints’ eternal Comforter.
                  Charles Wesley
                  Methodist Episcopal Hymnal (1870 edition)

<idle musing> inserts two verses after verse 2:

3. God of the patriarchal race,
   The ancient seers record Thy praise,
   The goodly apostolic band
   In highest joy and glory stand;
   And all the saints and prophets join
   To extol Thy majesty divine.

4. Head of the martyrs’ noble host,
   Of Thee they justly make their boast;
   The church, to earth’s remotest bounds,
   Her heavenly Founder’s praise resounds;
   And strives, with those around the throne,
   To hymn the mystic Three in One.
</idle musing>

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