Thursday, January 12, 2023

The assembly of God's people

43 8th P. M. 87,87,417.
Heavenly joy anticipated.

IN thy name, O Lord, assembling,
   We, thy people, now draw near:
   Teach us to rejoice with trembling;
   Speak, and let thy servants hear:
   Hear with meekness,——
   Hear thy word with godly fear.

2 While our days on earth are lengthen’d,
   May we give them, Lord, to thee:
   Cheer’d by hope, and daily strengthen’d,
   May we run, nor weary be;
   Till thy glory
   Without cloud in heaven we see.

3 There, in worship purer, sweeter,
   All thy people shall adore;
   Sharing then in rapture greater
   Than they could conceive before:
   Full enjoyment,—
   Full and pure, for evermore
                  Thomas Kelly
                  Methodist Episcopal Hymnal (1870 edition)

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