Friday, November 23, 2012

Where has holiness gone?

Scripture says that without holiness, we won't see God. Scripture also says that teachers and leaders will be judged by a higher standard. Don't you think that should be a warning to us about how we live?

Why, then, do I find teachers who freely confess they don't believe the doctrinal statements they are required to sign? Why then do I hear people freely confessing—even bragging!—that they bribe guards to get into places they aren't supposed to? Or they bribe them to take photographs that aren't allowed? Why then do I hear teachers cussing and “damning” others with whom they disagree or who attack their position?

Where has holiness gone? That's all I want to know...I'm not saying we need more rules! Heaven knows that isn't the answer! I'm just curious why heart holiness doesn't appear to be important.

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