Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Idle musings on miscellaneous things

I was musing the other day about some of the thoughts that run through my head as I do the maintenance and housekeeping around here. It's interesting what happens when you cross my ANE/biblical studies training and background with "real" life; here's a sampling...

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This winter, while I was digging through a 3-4 foot tall, 6-10 foot wide snowbank, I kept reciting the Hezekiah Tunnel Inscription. It didn't make the shoveling any easier, but it made it seem smaller :)

Last week, as I was sweeping gravel off the driveway running between the cabins, I couldn't help but think I was fighting against Yammu, pushing him back into the sea. The words of Isaiah about setting a boundary for the sea kept coming to mind. At least we know that YHWH's decree stands. Mine, commanding the rocks to stay off the drive certainly won't!

Two nights ago, as I was forking a new bed for the garden, I hit an especially dense section of sod. As I pushed back on the fork, breaking the sod's roots, the whole section lifted up, well beyond the fork's tines! Reminded me of Amos 8:8, "The whole land will rise like the Nile" (and somewhere in Isaiah, too).

I guess I just think in mythopoetic ways...or maybe I have a misdirected sense of what's important? : )

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