Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bored yet?

I have a confession to make. Before we moved to Grand Marais (over 13 month ago now), I was concerned I might not have enough to do. I told Debbie, Jim, and Shannon that. They all laughed. Jim said, "Only if they close the library!"

Well, I certainly haven't been bored! On the contrary, I've been almost overwhelmed at times. Yesterday was the first day in ages that I didn't have proofreading, editing, or other projects hanging over me. And we only had 1 set of guests leaving and one coming in. And because we have guests in the cabin we are trying to paint, I couldn't do any painting.

Wow! What to do? Believe me, there was still plenty, but it wasn't rushed. I was able to organize the hoop house stuff that was just thrown in a couple of stacks earlier this spring. I'm getting ready to put it up in the backyard, so that was nice.

Plus, I was able to modify the rabbit hutches, putting 1/2 inch mesh on the floor instead of the 1/4 inch that I had used. Oh, you didn't know we had rabbits? We have 2 mini-Rexes. We have had them for almost 2 weeks now. I'll try to get some pictures posted later today or tomorrow. Plus, we are taking care of Joel & Renee's 2 mini-Rexes while they are in Alberta. The 1/2 inch mesh allows the rabbit poop to fall through; I don't have to clean the cage every day anymore : )

Today, we only have one cabin leaving and no one coming in! Wow! We're planning on going hiking. We haven't had a chance to go yet this summer. That's about the only downside to seasonal based work like this. When the weather is good for outdoor activities, the guests arrive to take advantage of it. You have to squeeze it in as best you can... But we love it!

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