Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why did Jesus pray?

As we read the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus, one of the most startling observations is that He spent so much time in prayer. He was God, wasn't He? Why did He pray so much? I don't believe it was only because He needed to pray; I think he wanted to pray. He wanted to spend time with the Father, enjoying the give-and-take of love and determining direction for the future.— Christianity Lite, page 61

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The theologians might not like his answer, but I think it makes sense...
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Thesauros said...

Not sure why that is surprising. In a sense, Jesus, as God the Son was never not in prayer / communication with God the Father. The words Jesus spoke, the thoughts He thought, the actions He displayed were the thoughts, words, and actions of God Himself. That Jesus spent time alone with Father God also makes sense as it's simply easier to focus on a relationship when the noise of life is turned down.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your post.
God Bless
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