Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tired of the market-oriented approach to Christianity?

Today we see broad evidence of Christians seeking these historic Christian experiences in worship. Tired of market-oriented approaches that seem to focus on self-improvement of finances, relationships and self-image, many cry out to be held near by the transcendent God, to experience a piece of what they can never fully experience here, and to be transformed into what God created them to become.—Why Church History Matters, page 177

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A fit ending to the book, I think. Of course, a knowledge of church history isn't necessary for transformation to happen. But I would argue, as did Rea in the book, that your Christian walk will be deeper the more you are aware of the saints who went before. And, I would further argue, you shouldn't stop at the Reformation; there are many saints in the 2000 year history of the church who would serve well as role models. (Of course, the obverse is true as well!)

Next book up: Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker. Should be an interesting read...
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I think the Church and churches are really off track in some huge ways. Evangelical gadfly Tony Campolo, has begun calling for full inclusion of gay 'married' couples in the Church. Regardless of who makes such calls those calling do not have the authority of God, the creator of marriage, to call or empower anyone to full inclusion or acceptance of anything the Bible clearly condemns.

I am quite concerned over all the hoopla and nonsense, Christians are making surrounding Olympic champion Bruce Jenner having a sex change. Jenner can't add a little foot to his Y chromosome so he is XX female. Last I checked cosmetic surgery is just that, cosmetic. And all this nonsense over Christian bakeries making gay wedding cakes, WHAT'S WITH THAT?!?! Gay marriage isn't anymore valid or real than, in God's estimation than marriage between dragons and unicorns is valid.

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It's called wrong focus, pure and simple. Rather than creating an alternative culture that attracts people because it is true and a real alternative to the vapid drivel that passes for culture, we are trying to show how Christianity is relevant...