Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Give thanks

Adam and Eve sinned; they died. Sin leads to death. The sin they committed was the sin of usurping, of wanting to be God-like instead of god-ly. They died for the sin. We, too, are usurpers. From the moment we become conscious to the moment we die we want to be in charge, we want to control, and we want to rule our life. That is the sin of Everyman and Everywoman.— Kingdom Conspiracy, page 36

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Ain't that the truth! I get frustrated. Why? Because I can't control what's going on. I'm not God; I'm not even a god! Of course most things are out of my control. That's part of life. The trick, if it is a trick, is responding in the Holy Spirit instead of in the flesh.

That's what I'm learning this summer. People leave late and come early. You can't possibly get the cabins done in time. Relax and enjoy the summer! Do your best, but don't fret it.

The Internet connection is flaky. What does getting frustrated do? It certainly doesn't fix it! It just makes you—and everyone around you—upset and in a bad mood.

The web site interface is being flaky and taking longer to get anything done. If I can get it done! "In everything gives thanks!" Not what the flesh wants, is it? But by the power of the Holy Spirit, it can happen...
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