Monday, August 24, 2015

Listen up!

Politics is a colossal distraction from kingdom mission. Politics entails diminution of our kingdom message, because to speak well in the public forum means we have to turn our gospel-drenched message that focuses on Jesus, the cross, and the resurrection into acceptable, common-denominator language and vision. Instead of talking discipleship and a cruciform life, we talk about values and soak it in the pretentious “Judeo-Christian ethic.” Politics entails energies and time that could be used more directly for kingdom mission task. Politics means seeking to influence the state in the direction of the kingdom, but in so doing it is asking the public and the state to put into law and policy the kingdom story.— Kingdom Conspiracy, page 102

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Would that people would here this! The kingdom of God is not the kingdom of this world—be it the U.S. or any other country. We are to draw people to the kingdom of God, not our preferred political viewpoint. (Of course, my viewpoint is the one that is closest to the kingdom of God, right?!!)
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