Monday, March 28, 2016

In the end, dialogue and respect

While we take some of the steps above and are convinced we are 
following God’s call, we must never demonize our Christian brothers and sisters whose views about guns are the polar opposite of our own. We must never claim we are closer to God than they for there are earnest Christians on both sides of this issue. We need to walk together into the future in order to build the America we all want for our children and grandchildren. Neither side can have what it most desires for our society without respecting and accommodating the other. But again, isn’t that how God made the world? We must learn to speak the truth in love to those whose views are different. We must take heart because the polls tell us the vast majority of Americans are not far apart on guns and gun violence. Eighty-six percent of all gun owners and NRA members agree that Second Amendment rights and keeping guns from criminals and terrorists are complementary, not contradictory. What are we waiting for? Let the discussions and the healing begin!—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 217

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And may it be so. But I have found that mutual respect is a product woefully lacking, even among Christians.

That's the final excerpt from the book. I hope you enjoyed it. It's well worth your time to read—even if you disagree with him!
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