Tuesday, March 01, 2016

What were they thinking?

The Consumer Protection Act of 1972 prohibits the Consumer Protection Commission from examining the quality or safety of any gun or any piece of ammunition. Teddy bears, dolls, and toy guns must pass four sets of strict regulations before they can be sold.—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 156

In late 2005, the U.S. Congress and President George W. Bush passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act, which denies victims of gun violence the right to sue the manufacturers, distributors, or dealers for negligent, reckless, or irresponsible conduct. No other industry in America enjoys such blanket immunity and protection.—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 

The automobile industry, tobacco, the airlines, the funeral industry, oil, gas, and coal industries, and manufacturers and distributors of thousands of products are routinely examined by Congress. The gun industry is never examined.—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 

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Is there a pattern here? Protect your idols! Sacrifice your children, but protect your idols!
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