Monday, February 11, 2008

Desk shot

There is an untagged meme running around right now that asks us to put up a picture of our desk. Well, I finally remembered to take the camera home this weekend. Here are two shots of my desk.

By the way, I just built this desk last week. I have used a door as my desk for years, but the weight of the books had caused it to bow too much; everything was sliding to the middle! So, I went out and bought a 4' x 8' piece of 3/4" pressboard and a few 2" x 3" x 8' boards and built a new one. The desk itself is 33" x 85" supported by the 2" x 3" frame and a 2-drawer filing cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Any tips on building custom bookcases? I've run out of room on the ones I got and don't have the space to put anything I can find in the stores.

Anonymous said...

James, what do you think of Caragounis' book? I've been debating whether I should pick it up or not.

jps said...


I usually build them from 11" shelf particle board (8') and 1/8" masonite for backing. Take one of the boards and cut it into 3-32" lengths. Take the remaining 2 and cut 32 inches off. You now have 5 shelves and 2 uprights. Screw it together with deck screws, 2-3 per side per shelf.


It's a really mixed bag. Some is very good, most is overstated. I really like his critique of Porter; it is just what I have been saying for years. But, in most places he overstates his case. It is a definitely worth the read, but with caution.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, sounds a lot like what Silva said (in significantly fewer words). I think I'll be getting it.