Monday, February 04, 2008

Eisenbrauns February sale

For February Eisenbrauns is running a 30% sale on selected Paternoster titles in the series Paternoster Biblical Monographs, Paternoster Theological Monographs, Regnum Studies in Mission, Studies in Baptist History and Thought, Studies in Christian History and Thought, and Studies in Evangelical History and Thought.

These are revised dissertations, original monographs, and essay collections that are reasonably priced. The revised dissertations are actually readable, if you know what I mean :) They get rid of a lot of the dissertationitis, as I call it, and write readable sentences. I have reviewed some of them on this blog, Jim West has reviewed one or two, and Scot McKnight has mentioned them several times, most recently today he mentioned Saint Paul as Spiritual Director (that title isn't on sale, it is too new).

Oh, you can see the whole list here. Enjoy!

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Jonathan Erdman said...

Paternoster is worth checking out. As James knows(!), there are several books in that series that are quite interesting. They can be a bit specialized, but if you find something in an area of interest, it is usually worth consideration.