Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Final quote

This is the final quote from Atonement for a "Sinless" Society:

Jesus' ontological coherence comes ultimately not from his 'goodness' as the Second Person of the Divine Trinity, but because of his relationship to the Third Person—the Spirit of God. By implication, this must also be true of all who seek a similar liberating narrative. We are freed from our self-seeking and self-justifying and enabled to love only by the presence of the Spirit in our lives—a Spirit who becomes part of our personal history as we 'confess', allowing God to become the author of our lives.Atonement for a "Sinless" Society, p. 186.

The book ends with a response by Robin Parry, the academic editor at Paternoster Press, and a counter-response by the author.

This book was very enlightening for me; I felt like I suddenly understood how people under about 35 think. I knew about postmodern thought, but this showed some of the practical ramifications of it in people's lives. I highly recommend the book.

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